Why it is important to use N95 mask to prevent COVID-19


Except if you’ve been staying under a stone in the past months, you should know about the current worldwide pandemic known as Covid-19. At the moment, this disease is spreading at a fast rate around the globe. The disease is present in numerous nations around the globe and many are taking quarantine and self-isolation measures. This infection is particularly hazardous for old individuals and people with earlier respiratory issues. Therefore, to limit the transfer of the disease, individuals are asked to put on a facemask when out in the public. In this article, we will talk about why the KN95 face mask is better than the normal face mask.

N95 face mask

What is a Disposable Mask?

The name tells it all! A disposable face cover is the ordinary face mask that you would see at your nearby pharmacy or local store. These clinical covers are generally modest, thusly permitting people to wear and discard.

What kinds of Disposable Medical Masks are available?

There are 2 basic kinds of medical face veils that are presently available. The first kind of mask is the surgical mask that very commonly used. The second kind of mask is the KN95 face mask which is the one we will concentrate on.

Can Face Masks really prevent Covid-19?

The prevalent question. Can mask really limit the spread of this disease? The simple answer is yes. A face mask is capable of reducing the spread of Covid-19. However, rather than wearing a face mask so as to not get the disease, it is very crucial for individuals that are showing symptoms to put on this mask. This is essential as it stops individuals who may have the disease from spreading it to people in society. In any case, this doesn’t in any way imply that individuals that are not showing any symptoms should not put on a mask. Wearing the correct mask does undoubtedly still gives a decent degree of protection.

Why you should utilize a KN95 veil? The KN95 Face Mask is a decent measure to safeguard yourself. This is on the grounds that it includes a heavy-duty and protective build. As a result of this, particles flying around are obstructed from coming into your facial area. This works superbly of limiting the transmission of this deadly disease.

Features of the KN95 Mask

So, what makes this mask so outstanding? The KN95 mask is a specialized kind of respiratory mask that is helpful for obstructing huge airborne particles. This mask includes an exceptionally tight fit on the face. The name of this cover originates from the possibility that when worn in the right way with an appropriate fit, this mask will keep away 95% of the particles from going through.

What makes the KN95 Mask superior?

So, for what reason do you have to utilize the KN95 mask so as to safeguard yourself from Covid-19? In contrast to an ordinary medical mask, this mask keeps away more particles from passing through. Basically, normal surgical masks don’t stop the transmission of viruses and bacteria just as a KN95 mask. An ordinary surgical mask is a loose-fitting piece of fabric that wraps over the nose and mouth, making a blockage between potential contaminants and your face. These Medical Masks are designed to be loose-fitting and, in this way, don’t make a seal around the individual’s mouth and nose.


The KN95 mask is considerably more effective at stopping airborne particles of the virus. If you are facing a challenge in getting this mask in your locality, visit Banggood.

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