Will A Large Number of Models Join Victoria’s Secret?

Angelic appearance and charming figure are the most representative features of models from the famous lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret. Every angel has the beautiful and sweet looks. The most important point is that they have the slim, fit and sturdy figures. Expect that it can glut your eyes, it also makes female envy. More than that, some people regard it as the goal that they want to achieve. However, just in recent times, would Victoria’s Secret change their plan and admit a group of new people? It is early for you to be surprised. They would not change their main focus and slim-fit models are still the main character. What is different is that they are considering engage plus-size models.

Victoria's Secret Victoria's Secret

According to Angel of Victoria’s Secret, Jac Jagaciak from Poland, she said that more and more people can accept and appreciate plus-size models. Following healthy popular trend, aesthetic standard is gradually changing globally. It surely encourages Victoria’s Secret try to add more models with different figure.

Victoria's Secret Victoria's Secret

They are really reforming. They have added more sizes for plus-size people to choose. Does that really mean that it will come true? I just can’t wait to know the result!

plus-size modelsplus-size modelsplus-size models

Now, I would like to show you some plus-size models in advance. I really expect that they will appear in the fashion runways in one day.

plus-size models plus-size modelsplus-size modelsplus-size models

Undoubtedly, it will break the unbeaten rule, fitness and fashion make beauty. What people are advocating is the natural and healthy beauty. For plus-size people, you will never need to worry that you can’t find the most suitable sizes. Wearing sexy plus size dresses can make you show the chic and beautiful looks as well!

plus-size modelsplus-size modelsplus-size models


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