A Wisp of Bright Sunshine in Winter Time: Batwing Sleeve Loose Sweater

It is all said that sweaters for women is one of the hottest and most popular fashion wearing items in this year. In this winter time, they will show you their powerful forces that have been stored up for a long time. Warm, light colors and bright colors can even inject fresh atmosphere and energetic temperament to the dull winter time. How to show you the casual impression without lazy and decadent feeling? The key point lies in the fashion matching and proportion coordination. A simple sweater can show you street style and other kinds of stylish appearance easily. Do you want to master these magic and fantastic matching methods? Come with me to see these amazing and wonderful wearing examples together!

Sweaters for WomenSweaters for WomenSweaters for Women

Tips1: sweater in dark green color, black high collar shirt, red hat and handbag in wine red color can surely show your vintage and elegant impression. Printed patterns show you more fun and changes. Hat, handbag and shoes in the same tone of color can show you a harmonious impression.

Sweaters for Women

Tips2: red sweater, polka dot shirt, black shorts and oxford shoes are kinds of eye-catching and alluring British style impression. Round collar sweater matched with shirts with showing out collar can show your elegant and literary atmosphere. To be matched with high waist shorts, this set can make you look taller and slimmer according to adjusting your body proportion.

Sweaters for Women Sweaters for Women Sweaters for Women

Tips3: sweater in fluorescent pink color, white shirts, blue jeans, flat shoes and scarves can show you the youthful impression as well even in winter time. Fluorescent colors don’t exit from the fashion stages as winter comes. Instead, they make this winter time become more colorful. More than that, sweaters and scarves, warm and comfortable, are your essential to show the fashionable and attractive impression. Therefore, I strongly recommend them to you.

Batwing Sleeve Loose Sweater Batwing Sleeve Loose SweaterBatwing Sleeve Loose Sweater

Tips4: sweater in mint green color, one-piece denim dress and knitted hat can show you the casual and chic impression with neat and fresh feeling of course!

Batwing Sleeve Loose Sweater

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Batwing Sleeve Loose Sweater Batwing Sleeve Loose Sweater Batwing Sleeve Loose Sweater


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