Women’s Fashion: 2014 New Pop Power

Andy Warhol has ever said that, everything is beautiful, pop is everything. Regardless of whether it complies with everyone’s taste, pop can always gain people’s favor. Simple and smooth lines and delicate, funny pop printed pattern show you the new pop power in this year. Interweave lines, polka dots and stitching patterns, all of them are so attractive just like the colorful kaleidoscope that makes people fell in the fantastic pop world accidentally.

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Sporty and Casual

Cross white lines spread under black background, and see-through material shows you a particularly sporty impression. One-piece fashion womens dresses with sporty casual pullover, show you different performance by the same elements and different patterns. You can wear out exclusive individual style according to your favor.

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Cool and Neutral

Formal suits with pop art are popularly launched. Delicate and decent grid pattern and stitching pattern of polka dots and grid pattern, the seem-to-be casual dressing-up show your fashion sense and cool impression.

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Vintage and Modern

Are these vintage and cute black and white gird pattern suspenders make you reminds of the classic modern times? Or can you still remind of the innocent childhood? This vintage and retro style with high fashion classes will not make you look even younger instead of naive impression.

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Individual Mix Style

The must-have in this season is the mix style series of polka dots and striped patterns. Sporty polka dots, simple and smooth lines and grid printed patterns cross together are particularly fashion and funny.

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Cool and Cute

Filled with interesting sense of little character impression and vivid pop pattern show you the modern and energetic lady impression with high artistic senses. With the main tone of classic black and white as well as fluorescent colors, cute and lovely impression shows you delicate and funny unique fashion.

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See-through Temperament

See-through wearing can show your hidden sexy allure. In the same time, they can show you cute and passionate temperament. Complied with fashion women’s need to popularity, pursuit for funny fashion, grid pattern of black and white, striped pattern and polka dots pattern are certainly your best choice. Why not experience them in person? To wear out unique impression that only belongs to you, you will be the winner indeed.

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